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Aviation International Marketing
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Aviation International Marketing

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Business opportunities are constantly emerging within the aviation industry. If your company is a service provider to airports or airlines, your business will benefit from the massive experience and substantial contacts AIM has within the industry. We can help you to source business opportunities, and turn opportunities into contracts.

Some examples where we can play an invaluable business development role are:

Airport and airline suppliers: Whether you supply technical equipment, provide terminal facilities or specialise in the provision of customer services, we have the experience and ability to generate business for your company in the airport and airline industry. We will represent you effectively and produce results.
Airport concessionaires: Airports have opened up huge retail, catering and other commercial opportunities in recent years. It is not only the major airports that can offer concessionaires excellent business opportunities, but, with increased passenger volumes at regional airports, these, too, can be lucrative. With our extensive airport commercial experience we can become an important part of your initiative to expand your business within this area.
Aviation Training: AIM firmly believes that commercial success will always be achieved and sustained if the workforce of an airport or airline is able to understand and apply the commercial, marketing and customer service objectives of the organisation and the industry. We work with training organisations that are able to create experiential training programmes tailored to precisely meet your needs, and are dynamically delivered.
Airline Reservations: AIM has an associated company that is able to provide a complete off-the-shelf reservations service to meet your requirements. A highly cost effective way of meeting the needs of small and start-up carriers, the system has the capability of meeting changing demand as the airline expands and grows.


Aviation International Marketing