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Aviation International Marketing

Airport Marketing...

Most airport companies have acknowledged just how essential it is to have a dynamic marketing and representation function. Many have marketing and sales teams to develop the airline core business and to provide that important link with the consumer who decides the success of your air services. Others have limited resources and are unable to mount the marketing initiatives that could make the difference between developing route networks and struggling to retain existing services.

This is where AIM can help. We will provide just the level of marketing and sales support you need and it will be practical and effective - bringing you results. We will tailor the sales and marking focus to precisely meet your needs and your budget. With our years of experience in the management and business development of airports, we will:

  • Provide a total airport sales and marketing function, meeting all your needs for both customer (airline) and consumer marketing.
  • Supplement your existing marketing and sales operation expanding the function by focusing on new markets.
  • Provide very cost effective marketing and representation remote from your airport, accessing airlines and markets where you have difficulty finding the resources to do this.
  • Work with you to develop the marketing and sales strategy for the airport - and implement it effectively.
  • Create innovative marketing tools to suit your airport, such as new airport charging initiatives and incentives
  • Provide the expertise in areas such as route analysis and forecasting.

Our aim is to fit into your airport organisation; to provide you with precisely the marketing and representation needs you require. To ensure that your airport has practical and effective marketing that brings results.


Aviation International Marketing