Aviation International Marketing
Aviation International Marketing
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Aviation International Marketing

Airline Marketing...

In today’s highly competitive airline world, it is essential to maximise revenue generation and minimise costs. Thus there will always be the balance between the cost of having the most effective sales force, and producing optimum business results. The reality is inevitably limited marketing resources. AIM can help by cost-effectively providing marketing and sales representation resources for airlines when and where they are needed. By focusing on achieving results, we will use AIM’s years of experience within the airline industry to:

  • Work with you to identify primary sources of business and target those sources to achieve the business.
  • Provide you with the level of effective representation where you cannot justify full time sales support.
  • Ensure that you have representation in areas geographically remote from the hub of the airline activity.
  • Work with you to explore and evaluate new market or route opportunities.
  • Assist with promotional activities, ranging from route launches to event representation.
  • Help you to negotiate the very best deals with service providers, including airports, handling agents, etc.
  • Seek and achieve block seat sales with IT operators or whole plane charter business.
  • Integrate into your sales and marketing team to provide you with precisely the level of marketing and representation you need – a cost effective solution that really will bring results
  • Working with associate organisations, to assist with start-up needs, ranging from strategic and business plans, IATA code designators, regulatory issues, slots, etc, to the provision of airline reservations, CRS, BSP applications and revenue accounting as well as the commercial and marketing functions.


Aviation International Marketing